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Radicalization and violent extremism has become the major threat to world peace.

Terrorist is a huge threat to peace.The development of extremist groups such Alshaababs and Al- Qaeda has destabilized peaceful coexistence of communities rendering them homeless and even refugees.

Kenya has not been left behind in this facts amid so much peaceful campaigns.The country issued a notice for closer of Dadaab refuge camp which was seen as a breeding ground and hiding place for terrorists.

What is the role of youths in maintaining world peace? ls the question that has raised concerns now days.

On the course of extremism and radicalization. The youths have been brainwashed and have joined such groups .The youths which are mainly unemployed or drug addicts are cheated and enticed with huge promise of money to join them.

Some of the youths are then killed and forced carry out terrorist activities in other countries.

In our country Kenya terrorism has led to the death of many people including Kenya Defence Forces soldiers in places such as El ade,the westgate attack and the death of 147 student in Garissa University.Such incidents has destabilized family ties and even led to traumatic experiences and even poverty.

Somalia in East Africa,has been destabilised with high terrorist activities and corruption. The lack of peace in Somalia has greatly affected the economic growth of the nation and good governance.

In Kenya,during the general elections. It was reported that youths could hired as goons to cause chaos that disrupted the rallies of the opposite political affiliations.

The youths have a role to play when it come to peace.The best way during the campaign season in Kenya.The Youths voluntarily joined peace keeping camps such as Uwiano group.The youths become online peace ambassadors. Condemned hate speech and preached peace through all the media and church programmes.

Under our End Extremism Kenya youths and Our Network of teachers.The group has voluntarily taught the affected areas such as Lamu and Garrissa not involve themselves in extremist groups.Doing this through capacity building programmes ad participation in community based ceremonies.

The teachers network sensitized to teach learners the importance of peace and advise the learners to not associate themselves with extremist groups.

Religious tolerance however is key in advocating for peace peaceful coexistence of different religious groups.

Harmful religious teaching to the youths should stopped and youths to be taught and importance of religious tolerance.

Peace is key for development.

Author:Nelson Komba

Chairperson Youths Against Corruption Kenya.

Transparency Youths

Constitution Chapter Six working Youths.


Nelson Komba

“We shall be police persons of integrity” scouts and leaders of the integrity club have chosen to join the Kenya police service.They vow to say no to corruption and lead by example,this was after our launch of integrity club in their school.

The police sector in Kenya and even East Africa among the most corrupt.Police engage in petty corruption which is mostly bribery.

Bribery is a form of corruption that involves the improper use of gifts and favours in exchange for personal gain.Bribery has been the most common form of corruption in Kenya.

Traffic police taking bribe to allow overloaded vehicles on the road putting the lives of passengers in danger.

Traffic police engage in bribery especially in busy towns and they have developed tactics for collecting bribes from drivers.

First,the driver has to make sure the shillingis note is folded until it becomes so small so as to be able to throw down when passengers are not seeing.He will then step on it.The police will then pretend to be looking for some problem on the vehicle then after a minute the overloaded vehicle will leave.He will collect his bribe.

In some instances the traffic police instruct drivers to fold the notes and put them on the edges of the vehicle window.This is because at that point they can secretly remove it while they are holding the window edges of the vehicle while they pretend to be talking to the driver to look at his/her driving licences.

Bribery in the traffic police has been immense to the state that even passengers know the police go the road to collect bribes from vehicles.

Though much has been done to try to reduce bribery by the National Transport and Safety Authority,including also reshuffling of police person and integrity tests but still bribery is still being witnessed in so many parts of the country.

Youths Against corruption Kenya,transparency Youths group taking a survey showed that drivers are used to giving bribes even if the police didn’t not ask will prepare to give.We also discovered that out of 5 police persons only 1 can say no to corruption.

Looking keenly into the observation we found out that police-persons during training are not so much exposed to integrity and transparency lessons.The lack of necessary education has been the cause of major evils in the society.

To combat bribery especially on the roads,Transparency youths have tried to come up with stickers which are places inside passengers vehicles so as passengers to be able to report any form of bribery witnessed on the road.We believe this one step towards fighting petty corruption in Kenya.

Though we believe in also raising a community that can readily denounce corruption.This is the reason we are investing in the younger like scouts in Kenya Schools which most of them become police persons.They will be able to denounce corruption.

Author:Nelson Komba

Chairperson Youths Against Corruption Kenya

integrity youths

Transparency Youths

Constitution of Kenya Chapter six working youths


Nelson Komba

“Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”-Nelson Mandela
Integrity refers to the quality of being honest and having strong moral principle.
As Dwight Eisenhower puts it ” The supreme quality of leadership is integrity”
A country without integral leaders is a collapsing country.Development is achieved through leaders who put the interests of others before theirs.
Leaders who are just and are able to stand their grounds and defend their integrity.

Watch the here
Since the removing of civic education as a subject in the Kenyan education system,the country has suffered a great deal. Democrasy has been commercialised and civic rights can be bought.Citizens have failed to unerstand their responsibilities.Even election is seen as sharing of resources on tribal lines and not change in leadership.
Youths Against Corruption Kenya,Integrity section has greatly seen this gap expanding paving way for social evils in that society,that is why we moved fast to form integrity clubs in high schools and universities.
1500 High schools have formed fully operational clubs across the nation and a number of universities.
Integrity clubs are playing a vital role in development of learners understanding of their civil rights in theory and in practice.lt has also been a good avenue for teaching learners good values.

What the video here
They have improved the understanding of justice,equality and integrity among learners.Students in there last year they well the impacts of corruption in the society and the need to stand against it.
Students stand at a better chance and and have a reason to say no to corruption.We believe this will greatly transform the society.
Its through an education system that the country gets responsible and informed citizens.We believe that this clubs are shaping students to become transparent citizens and leaders.This will improve leadership and good governance in our country.
Through the interschool debates it has boosted students self esteem through expression of their views and this has greatly improved their leadership skills.
Our mentorship programmes in schools through integrity clubs students have been mentored well.This helped them become responsible members of the society when they finish school. Others have joined our activities after school which we believe its a huge step in transforming our nation leadership styles.
A great number of teachers on our network has greatly boosted transparency and accountability in schools leading to better management of school resources.We believe this is a step towards fighting corruption in the educational sector in the school sector.
Teachers have played a key role role because mainly we have always depended on them to strengthen character and integrity during the teaching and learning process.
The training and the good topics of discussion in the integrity has acted as a good training ground for future leaders.
We also believe that integrity clubs will resolve the problem of fire burning down schools which is mainly caused by decaying moral values in learners.

Author:Nelson Komba
Chairperson Youths Against Corruption Kenya
Integrity youths
Constitution chapter six working youths


Young children,women,the poor,unemployed youths are the most affected with corruption in the society.
Kenya has had high population of its youths in the streets looking for jobs. The resources have been scarce and the available have been strained and used for the advantage of the few rich and corrupt.
The gap between the rich and the poor continue to widen. This is a big threat to economic development and sustainable development goals in Kenya. Corruption has affected income distribution and this has got a direct effect to the economy. This has been followed by high cost of living and raise in social evils in the society such as prostitution(a case in Salgaa Kenya) and excessive drug abuse and radicalization(Violent Extremism)
The woman is the most disadvantaged when it comes to the effects of corruption. Women are caretakers,they take care of the children at home and even the old. When they are not able to access resources,it means children will suffer and this will definitely post a negative deviation to economic growth.
New borne babies and growing children who are coming from poor families will continue to die because they are unable to access medicine from hospitals.
Medicines have been privatised even though they belong to the government. A few people taking advantage of the poor voiceless in the society. Mothers have been turned back with babies on their backs for not being able to buy free medicine.
The health sector has been corrupt. This injustice has led to the deaths of many babies and some going unrecognised by the government.
According the world economic forum,the biggest challenge to Africa now it is not Malaria,Terrorism or HIV/AIDS but it is corruption. Am of the view that this is true and a fact.
If the developing countries to will not adopt good policies and measures to combat administrative corruption,professional corruption our vision for economic growth will die.
The poor will continue to be more poorer and the rich more richer. The question to ask yourself as a citizen its therefore are you able to say no to corruption?
Can you be able to defend your integrity as a person and stand for your values?
According to one of the reachers and survey done in August 2017 In Kenya by a non-governmental organisation,Youths Against Corruption Kenyan- integrity youths using survey monkey,it showed that the larger Kenyan majority which are youths they do not have a problem if corruption can improve there way of living.
This is a very dangerous path. The youths should stand on there integrity as leaders. They should actively lead by example for the society to have a change even in leadership.
Being at a point to say no to corruption as a person. It not only shows that you are a just person but also a patriotic individual who respects the constitution of your country and concerned about development of the nation.
Having the courage to say no to corruption will save a life of a child and will also improve accountability and good governance.

Author:Nelson Komba
Chairperson Youths Against Corruption Kenya.
Integrity Youths.
The Kenyan Constitution Chapter Six working Youths


Africa is approximated to have a population of 1.216 billion people of which 200 million are youths of ages 15-24.This group has a great ability and potential in transforming Africa through active participation in governance and civic leadership not only for Africa to achieve Sustainable Development Goals but also African union Agenda 2063.
The youths in Africa are the greatest resource any government should invest in. This is because when they are empowered development is imminent. However,the youths have a role to play to also ensure development in their countries. This can be done through actively participating in community led projects,voluntarism,and civic leadership. The youths should be on the forefront to condemn social injustices such corruption in the society.
Transparency International defines corruption as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. A number of youths ask me how can they stop corruption in their communities. As a matter of fact corruption has denied the youths opportunities to grow and maximise their skills. The youths therefore should step out and fight corruption in their countries.
Our country Kenya has been affected by corruption to an extend that youths want to believe they cannot succeed minus corruption. However in my activities as a young activist l have tried to help the youths understand this concept of corruption. The following are ways in which the youths can fight corruption in Africa.
Refusing to think corruptly,in countries like Kenya and Nigeria where young people believe even if they work hard on their career ,at some point they will have to bribe to get a job is an awkward thought. The youths need to believe in the power of justice,transparency and integrity. This can be done by not allowing themselves to be brainwashed into corrupt thinking and behaviour. The youths should decolonise their minds from corrupt thinking and begin to see change. The first step is in the mind. You cannot fight corruption when you think its the only way up. lt is impossible.
The youths in Africa should actively take part in governance,the youths should not be of the idea that the government offices are for the older and rich people in the society. The youths should also vie for elective positions. They should get out and sale their ideas to the people. They should influence the people. Through active participation in governance it means that they will be able to raise alarm in case of embezzlement of funds and also be a sound of their fellow youths. This will not only develop them to be great leaders but also be an eye opener dealing with the government and community.
Understanding the constitution of their countries,though this should be a responsibility of every citizen to understand the laws of her country,the youths should make it a responsibility and be on the forefront when it comes to the understanding of the laws and their rights. In Kenya for example,chapter six of the Kenyan constitution establishes the concept of leadership and integrity. The youths in Kenya should be vast in understanding such concepts because its only through laws that they can be able to challenge those who intend to use government resources for their own advantage.
The youths should lead by example in leadership positions,once youths have gotten to lead either in an appointed position or elective position. They should uphold their integrity and character. They should not be swayed by greed or status quo. Youths are capable of influencing each other greatly.
The youths should take an active role in youth empowerment programmes,they should educate each other on the importance of moving together for a common goal. Such empowerment programmes are very helpful because youths get an opportunity to enlighten each other to stand and say no to injustices in the government and society.
Finally the youths should not just sit and watch projects being done. They should hold accountable those doing the projects from the government,its because accountability is key to transparency.
Author: Nelson Komba
Chairperson Youths Against Corruption Kenya
Integrity youths
Chapter six constitution working youths